Yeah, these are not just services, they are what I'm passionate about. Through my years of experience, I have a great base of "go-to services" that are well-estabished in my aresenal of skills. Those that are new, keep me on my toes and I definitely embrace new technology, trends and provide services that bring a new level of appreciation for both the creative and marketing fields.

Not sure what you are looking for? Here is a comprehensive list of what I have done in the past:

Identity: includes logo in various versions for print to web. This passion will also include things like business cards, letterhead, envelopes, signage, etc.

Print: includes anything on paper. For those starting out, it's always important to generate leads from every avenue available. That means you may need a postcard, poster, flyer, catalog, banner, tradeshow booth, sell sheets, brochures, shipping labels, package labels, box design, premium product name it. I've probably done it.

Web: includes webdesign mirrored from identity and print. Let's face it, when all your marketing pieces sing in harmony, that cohesive message will provide brand positioning for the consumer. The website can bring all that together, plus an element of ecommerce. Along with website design, there is also email blast design for those who use Constant Contact and want to customize an online template.

Social Media: relatively new and screams my attention for establishing an intimate approach to consumer, distributor, vendor and personal connectivity. There are several industry reports that help provide a great formula for establishing a company's social media marketing plan. This type of marketing takes time to establish and to see a Return On Investment (ROI), but well worth building a solid foundation. The Internet makes it virtually impossible to do ebusiness without this type of marketing and is essential to remain competitive and favorable to consumers.

Marketing: in general and broad in terms of services. Providing a marketing and communications plan for your business is based on the current economic environment, company budget, market trend analysis, revenue (are they in decline or increasing?), what do you want to accompllish? The goal of a marketing plan is to identity key aspects of the business, define strong attributes, visualize a target market, negoiate materials needed to support the plan (advertising, print & web) and attack the market to gain an advantage over competition. Big picture thinking or strategy is always used when starting with a logo/identity and carried throughout the whole creative and marketing process.